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Thursday, October 30, 2014

TOMS Movies: Saints and Soldiers

I noticed going back through my blog archives that I missed a couple of movies I wrote about that I would like to revisit. So even though it is a few days off from exactly eight years ago, here is one of them:

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Oct. 24, 2006
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I love WWII movies, and tonight I saw an interesting one that tells a tale that I have never seen before, anyway. A group of four American soldiers from different units and an English pilot who bailed from his plane are trapped behind German lines during the Battle of the Bulge. The pilot has some important intelligence that could help the Allies turn back the German advance. They have to get back to a friendly base.

The two most intriguing characters are a cynical medic and a "goody two shoes" everyone calls "Deacon." The medic is convinced that God is not real, because of some of the terrible things that he has seen. "Deacon" is a missionary kid who lived in Germany before the war and speaks German fluently. I read on a web site that he was an LDS missionary, but that wasn't obvious to me seeing the movie. Anyway, when the group captures a German soldier who was a boyhood friend of Deacon, Deacon's comrades assume he is a German sympathizer, especially when the German sneaks away while everyone is asleep, including the medic, who was supposed to be on watch. But that German soldier comes back at a critical time at the end of the movie, and saves the lives of the medic and the pilot because they were good to him.

This was a very inspirational movie. It was not made by one of the mainstream studios, and it almost seems like a Christian movie, but the violence is too strong for a Christian movie, at least it is inconsistent with the other Christian movies I have seen. The violence is not extreme, but it does justly earn a PG-13 rating. This one is definitely worth your time, especially since it does not take much of it. It tells a good story in just over an hour and a half. I will try to see "Flags of our Fathers" very soon. Looking forward to it.

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