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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Real About Me

You won't learn much about me by clicking on my Google+ page, so here's the real deal (or at least the real deal I want you to know):

Darren R. McFadden was born and raised in Piedmont, Mo., and who now lives in Decatur, Ala., with his lovely wife Beth Anne. He is a former teacher and newspaper reporter who now just meanders through life, trying to keep out of trouble in the real world but maybe creating a little in his meager corner of cyberspace, enduring his legacy as the never-challenged leader of the mutiny of preverts, hence the name of the blog. You will find a variety of posts on here. I write about what interests me, and my interests vary widely.

I will try to be honest about what I think, but every once in a while I might just post something totally off the wall that I don't really believe, just trying to get a reaction. So don't take everything you read here too seriously. This is especially true if you plan to comment. Please understand that only I can be held responsible for what is written here. Nothing I write reflects the opinions or beliefs of my family, my church, my employers (past or present) or my friends, so please don't go to them if you find something you don't like on here.

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