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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's With the Name?

Some of you might be wondering what the inspiration is for the name of the blog. The name “Mutineer” is based on a line from one of my favorite movies, Dr. Strangelove. The line is spoken by a clueless Army colonel who is stunned to be told to invade a nearby Air Force base only to find that the officer in charge is English. The line always struck me as hilarious. The best way to summarize the movie is that it is a comedy about the world ending in nuclear annihilation. That sounds pretty preposterous, but it works, amazingly well. It's the kind of comedy where it's not necessarily the funny lines or ridiculous stunts, but it's just crazy people caught up in a wild situation. Their personalities are what makes the movie funny. For a movie that barely clocks over 90 minutes, the character development is amazing. The movie features Peter Sellers in three roles and also features George C. Scott; Slim Pickens; Sterling Hayden, who is as underrated an actor as there has ever been in Hollywood movies; and Keenan Wynn, who plays the colonel who utters the “mutiny” line. Interestingly enough the movie also features the screen debut of James Earl Jones. He doesn’t have many lines, but that voice is impossible to miss.
The movie is not for little kids, but most kids I know wouldn’t be interested in a black-and-white, dialogue-driven movie anyway. The clip below includes the “mutiny” line and more.

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